How to Beat the Odds in Slots


The human brain is notoriously good at processing near-miss results, so it’s no surprise that slot machines with hundreds of paylines have the potential to give multiple winners. However, despite the many benefits of playing slots, the near-miss results can actually make players net losers. In the case of a nickel bet on a 20-payline slot, a player could win only one coin, resulting in a loss of fifty cents. Despite this, the machine would still show that player as a net winner. Various scientific studies have found that the human brain perceives near-miss results as a win, making slot machines very addictive.

Video slots

The best way to beat the odds in video slots is to know how they work. These games rely on random number generator (RNG) software to generate millions of combinations. The RNG ensures that results are completely random and avoids the possibility of players finding patterns. As a result, winning combinations are usually highly unpredictable. In addition, these games are regularly audited by independent testing agencies. However, the RNG does not guarantee winnings or avoid cheating.

Progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a massive prize that continues to grow with every bet placed on the machine. A player can identify a progressive jackpot by a small jackpot icon on the machine’s screen, which increases in size as players lose bets. These machines often feature a must-hit-by shortcut, which estimates the growth rate of the jackpot. Most progressive slots are linked to multiple slot machines, so they can grow even larger.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are symbols that can replace other game icons to help create winning combinations. In video poker, the joker is considered a wild symbol, since it can act as any value of card. Wild symbols in slots can do the same thing. They can turn a losing game into a winning one if they substitute for other symbols and create a win-lose situation. Several games feature wild symbols to help players maximize their chances of winning.

Scatter symbols

In slot games, scatter symbols are extremely advantageous. Because they aren’t often linked to a pay line, they can act as an additional scoring opportunity, doubling or tripling a player’s prize. The scatter symbol can also trigger bonus games or a feature of the slot game, increasing the chances of winning even more. Listed below are some of the benefits of scatter symbols:

Multiple paylines

Multiplier and 243-ways-to-win paylines are examples of multiple paylines in slots. These are more flexible than traditional paylines, as players can activate as many of them as they want, and they can give more chances to win than single-reel slots. Multiplier machines tend to be more profitable, because of the higher payout frequency they offer. The most common multi-line slot is Microgaming’s Thunderstruck 2 video slot.

Random number generator

To guarantee the fairness of any slot machine, software game providers use a random number generator, or RNG, to generate the winning combinations. The RNG works on a mathematical algorithm and does not require any external data to create the results. It starts with a number with millions of digits following the decimal point. Different mathematical operations are then performed on this value to determine its further value. The result is then the value that the player receives from the game.