How to Use a Paytable to Win Big at Slot Machines

How to Use a Paytable to Win Big at Slot Machines


A paytable is a basic guide for slot games. It explains the mechanics of the game, how the symbols and paylines are structured, and what kind of bonus rounds you can win. Some paytables also indicate betting strategies and include key statistics. It’s an important tool for slot players, because it can help them maximize their winnings.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds on slot machines can be a great way to add excitement to your games. These rounds usually involve an additional set of reels and special symbols. Some of them include a bonus wheel and sticky wilds, while others have you play on another screen. One great example of a bonus round is the Car Chase Bonus in the Cops and Robbers video slot.

Bonus rounds on slot games are an important promotional tool for casinos. They allow players to get additional opportunities to win and can be a great way to get started at a new casino site. Most bonus rounds are free to play and do not deplete your balance. You should make sure you choose the right game to maximize your winnings during a bonus round.

Reel setup

The slot reel setup is one of the most important aspects of slot machine gameplay. It determines the number of paylines, winning combinations, and overall payout percentage. Most slot machines use a five-reel setup, but some have nine or more. Understanding how reel setup affects game payouts will help you get the most out of bonus games and big jackpots.

Many slots have multiple paylines, which can run horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. These paylines can increase the chance of winning, but should not increase the cost per spin. The most common number of ways to win is 243, but other numbers may be used as well. It’s a good idea to read the paytable to see how many ways you can win in each game.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are a key component in slot games. They unlock special bonus features and increase the potential for winning. Therefore, it is imperative to find scatter symbols to maximize your winning potential. These symbols can be found anywhere on the reels. For example, a red cherry can trigger free spins when three appear on the same payline.

Scatter symbols can also trigger bonus games. These are usually triggered by landing three or more of them on the reels. They have different functions, and payouts are usually higher than other icons. In addition, the graphics of these symbols usually relate to the overall theme of the game. For instance, a Konami slot game with scatter symbols offers free spins if you land three dragon eggs on the reels. Another game that uses scatters is Siberian Storm.

Return rate

The return rate of a slot machine is a calculation that shows how frequently you will win. You can calculate this number based on the number of hands you have played and the type of slot machine you’re playing. While the odds are not always the same, you can use the RTP to increase your chances of winning.